Solgar Ester-C 1000mg Vitamin C 90 tablets

Solgar Ester-C 1000mg Vitamin C 90 tablets

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Ester-C 1000 mg Vitamin C 90 Tablets
It strengthens the normal function of the immune system and remains in the body for up to 24 hours
The digestible, highly absorbable patented form of Vitamin C.
Excellent antioxidant
Ideal for sensitive stomachs
It does not contain sugar, salt, starch and is ideal for people who follow a strict vegetarian diet, vegetarians, kosher and halal
EOF Notification Prot. No. 64080 / 12.11.2004

Gluten-Free Parve Dairy-Free Sugar-Free Wheat Free Yeast FreeVegan Vegetarian

HEG -C® 1000mg by SOLGAR®, is a pioneering form of vitamin C, which is absorbed four times more, activates twice as fast, and remains in circulation twice as much as normal vitamin C.
More specifically, it is a non-acidic form of vitamin C with incorporated: a complex of citrus bioflavonoids, acerola, rosemary, rutin, and naturally occurring metabolites of vitamin C: L-threonate, L-thyronate, and L-oxo.

The metabolites help the vitamin to enter the bloodstream faster, in larger quantities, and with less loss. In addition, Ester-C® metabolites help the vitamin to penetrate white blood cells more efficiently. White blood cells require high levels of vitamin C for their metabolism. In this way, Ester-C® enhances the key role of white blood cells in the immune system.

SOLGAR® Ester -C®:

Contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system
Promotes collagen production and proper blood vessel function, boosting skin & gum health
Provides protection to cells against oxidative stress
Increases the absorption of iron
It contributes to the "recycling" of vitamin E and offers antioxidant activity
Helps reduce fatigue
It is useful for the prevention of colds

It is ideal for:

People who want to enhance the overall health of their body
People who want to shield their bodies from oxidative stress
People who want to boost the health of their immune system