Korres Cystine & Glycoproteins Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Women 2x250 ml

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Toning shampoo against hair loss, specially designed for women. Cleanses strengthens the hair from the root and enhances its nutrition. It offers more volume and increased density to the hair. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for vegetarians. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage lightly. Rinse and repeat.

Ingredients & Benefits
Cystine: the most basic amino acid of keratin, helps to reduce hair loss, protects the hair, strengthens and rejuvenates it, increasing the density and growth rate of the hair.
Glycoproteins: Strengthen follicles and stabilize the hair root. They accelerate the rate of hair growth, and activate fibroblasts and aging keratinocytes, improving the health of the scalp.