Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Cream Treatment Set with Face Cream and Serum

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Cream Treatment Set with Face Cream and Serum

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Liftactiv Supreme Day Cream to Repair Wrinkles and Restore Firmness to the Skin. Suitable for Normal-Combination Skin.
For the first time * LIFTACTIV Supreme anti-wrinkle creams for combination and normal skin provide continuous lifting for wrinkle repair and firming throughout the day
For normal or combination skin


- Immediately:
Smooth and radiant skin thanks to 3D OPTICAL CORRECTION TECHNOLOGY

- Till the end of the day:
Skin with more radiance, + 16.4% firmer. The face maintains its youth, thanks to DAYPROOF technology with CAFFEINE (decongestant action) and ADENOSINE (anti-wrinkle action).

-1 month later:
The skin + 32% firmer. Even the most intense wrinkles are repaired, thanks to the composition with RAMNOZE 5% (strong anti-aging action) and NEOESPERIDINE (antioxidant action) for a total lifting result.

LIFTACTIV Supreme anti-wrinkle and hypoallergenic creams are suitable for sensitive skin because they contain Vichy thermal water

Instantly smoothes the skin and gives shine. By the end of the day, the skin remains smooth, the features remain firm and the face retains its youth. In 1 month, total lifting result: correction of wrinkles with LIFTACTIV Supreme anti-aging cream, even the most intense, + 32% firmness **.

* From Vichy.
** Personal evaluation test, 52 women, use 4 weeks, 2 times / day, Organometric evaluation, 40 women, Personal evaluation test, 44 women, use 4 weeks, 2 times / day.

Liftactiv Supreme night cream 15 ml
Mineral 89 Booster 4ml for hydration, strengthening and toning of the skin
Capital Soleil UV-Age Daily 3ml sunscreen against photoaging.