Vichy Liftactiv Flexiteint SPF20 15 Opal 30ml

Vichy Liftactiv Flexiteint SPF20 15 Opal 30ml

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For women over 40 who want make-up with integrated anti-wrinkle care.
Make-up for immediate lifting result and shine.

Anti-wrinkle make-up for tightening and immediate lifting effect, which does not "freeze" the features
Thanks to the elastic properties of silicone, the color is uniform as it follows the movements of the face.
The composition is enriched with collagen, which consists of the 3 top anti-wrinkle ingredients of Vichy. Acts on the causes of aging for smoothing and "filling" wrinkles in 1 month.
Its hypoallergenic composition contains Vichy Thermal Water. It does not cause dark spots.
Thanks to the elastic properties of silicone oils, the innovative texture smoothes wrinkles while following the movements of the face so as not to "freeze" the features.

Available in 4 shades.
Apply your daily care as a base of makeup. Then spread the product with your fingertips in small movements from the inside out. "Erase" the make-up on the neck, ears, and forehead for a natural result. Anti-wrinkle makeup for straightening and shine.