Profertil Men For Fertility Disorders 180caps

Profertil Men For Fertility Disorders 180caps

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Profertil Men Dietary supplement for the treatment of fertility disorders

The results of the study showed that the effect of PROfertil® can lead to either a significant improvement in sperm health or a completely normal sperm analysis.

PROfertil® contains the following active substances.

L-Carnitine: Produced normally in the body and acts as an active substrate for sperm. L-Carnitine has properties that can improve sperm motility and quantity.

L-Arginine: This is an amino acid that the human body needs in large quantities and which according to research findings, improves the amount and motility of sperm.

Zinc: In addition to its antioxidant properties and its contribution to many biochemical processes in the human body, the trace element zinc helps to improve sperm density, increase the number of fast-moving sperm, and increase the which plays an important role in spermatogenesis.

Vitamin E: Improves sperm motility and increases the ability of the sperm to attach to the egg.

Glutathione and Selenium: Both are highly effective free radical scavengers. In many studies, it has been observed that both nutrients significantly contribute to the improvement of sperm motility.

Coenzyme Q10: Improves fertility and sperm count and increases sperm motility.

Folic Acid: It is vital for cell growth and cell division (production of blood cells), as well as for nerve metabolism. It is also involved in the coronary system. The positive effect of this vitamin has been known for a long time. Since then, extensive research has been carried out and its administration is highly recommended.

Packaging / 180 caps