Lierac Mesolift Remineralising Anti-Fatique Cream 40ml / 1.41 Oz

Lierac Mesolift Remineralising Anti-Fatique Cream 40ml / 1.41 Oz

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Lierac Mesolift Creme - Anti-Fatigue Face Cream 40ml
Moisturizes activates radiance, restructures & softens skin texture

Target Audience ;
In women of all ages, in whom constant exhaustion has hidden the radiance of their skin. Everyone is looking for a visible improvement in the texture of their skin and to extend the radiance and toning effects of the Mésolift C15 concentrate.

The exfoliating effect in the AHA Complex smoothes the texture of the skin, enhancing its radiance, while magnesium intensively rejuvenates the cells. Vitamins B, E, and pro-vitamin A prolong the action of vitamin C against oxidative stress and enhance cell renewal.

Mésolift cream is used morning and night in combination
with the concentrate as part of a one-month treatment, in its place
your usual cream. It is also used alone or after daily serum
care. Apply to the whole face.